BonBon Lingerie helps you find the perfect gift

It's easy to give your partner great gifts! The only thing you need is a detailed understanding of lingerie trends and the ability to analyze scientific studies that explain how women choose their lingerie and what seductive collections they actually dream of. The next step is to choose trustworthy sources and ensure that the study results are tailored to the specific country. Super easy, isn't it?!


Fortunately, Estonian lingerie designer brand BonBon Lingerie has been inspired by women's beauty and self-confidence since 2004 and now knows which lingerie our customers like and what kind of gifts they want. Until now, this information has been well guarded by BonBon headquarters, but we are finally ready to let you in on this exclusive knowledge.


If you're not sure whether your partner needs new lingerie, we can assure you that a woman can never have enough beautiful lingerie. Lingerie is one of the most intimate gifts you can give. The sight of your partner in a seductive lingerie set and the bonus points you earn for choosing a great gift can be worth it in many ways.



Valentine's Day is the holiday of lovers - the day that is all about couples. The only thing more important than the day itself is the night. That's why it only makes sense to choose a gift that fills the bedroom with sensual, loving energy. There's nothing better than lingerie for this. The preferred colors of this holiday are red, a symbol of passion and love, and the classically elegant black. Even though all of our collections are a good choice, we particularly recommend collections for Valentine's Day that make the woman feel like a sexy seductress and that are also a feast for the eyes of the gift giver.


For a passionate woman, a bodysuit or lingerie set with suspenders and stockings is a good choice. To top it off, we recommend edible body glitter. May your Valentine's Day be filled with temptations you can't resist!


Recommended collections: Amazonite, Night Lily, Shades, Smoky Quartz.



Women's Day is the day when no woman should feel imperfect in any way. On this day, things like marital status, number of qualifications and career titles simply don't matter. All that matters is the strong feminine power that every woman is born with.


A real woman is capable of great things. Men who have met these types of women know that they are worth moving mountains for. The key word for lingerie as a gift for Women's Day is "confidence." The purpose of this holiday is to acknowledge the women around us and tell them that they are perfect just the way they are. There's no reason to hide any imperfections, shed a few pounds, or gain a few cup sizes.


BonBon Lingerie's new collections offer a wide range of sizes so every woman can feel like a queen. Perfection cannot be pigeonholed, and that is exactly the message that the right kind of lingerie supports. Even though the color red is usually preferred on Women's Day, we encourage you to think outside the box and take your partner's individual uniqueness into account. It's a good idea to choose something similar to what she normally wears, but with a fresh, sexy nuance - for example, a new, innovative color or a provocative design.


The eye-catching bodysuits from BonBon are also a good choice. They can either take on the role of lingerie to seduce a loved one in the bedroom, or be combined with a matching bra and worn as everyday clothing. For convenience, the bodysuit can be closed and opened with snap buttons at the crotch.


Recommended collections: Crystal, Pamela, Foxy Ladies Brigitte.



Christmas is the most family-friendly holiday among the above-mentioned holidays. This means you need to consider the timing and location of the gifts being opened. Open lingerie with provocative details can be a perfect anniversary gift, but if your partner opens the gift in front of the grandparents, it might not fit the holiday spirit.


When the Christ child presents the presents in the bedroom, there are no limits to your imagination. A beautiful dressing gown or nightgown will fit better in the gift bag at a family-oriented Christmas party. “Luxury” is the key word for the most magical of all celebrations - Christmas. The preferred materials for this day are silk and velvet. Add a pinch of mysticism and you'll feel like you're in a private winter wonderland. Soft pastel tones and royal blue are the most popular colors of the festival. BonBon offers a huge selection of suitable gifts for mothers, sisters, partners and even grandmothers. A touch of luxury makes every woman shine.


Recommended collections: Wisteria Lane, Frozen Blooms Red, Foxy Ladies Brigitte, Mara Black.



Women love anniversaries, especially because the number of anniversaries can be unlimited. First kiss, first date, first love, engagement, wedding - all these occasions must be celebrated! Celebrating anniversaries is so much more special than any other holiday on the calendar because it belongs just to the two of you. Therefore, the lingerie should also express a feeling of exclusivity. It is a day that will make you weak in the knees.


An anniversary gift should be as sexy, provocative and flirty as the open thong and bra in our Shades collection. The sensual combination of lace and straps will inspire the imagination and lead to many new experiences. This type of lingerie with erotic undertones is not only intended for the bedroom but can also be used to warm up your partner during a romantic dinner in advance.


Recommended collections: Shades, Penelope Flirt, Luna, Black Orchid.



Giving your partner a beautiful lingerie set for their honeymoon has a high emotional value. This type of gift is made even more special by the fact that it is the first thing the newlywed receives from her husband.


While on other holidays it is appropriate to mix several pieces of lingerie from different collections for your partner, the honeymoon should be one of the occasions on which the entire set - consisting of the individual lingerie and nightwear - is given as a gift becomes. For the sake of tradition, we recommend staying true to the color white and its different shades and not losing sight of the importance of a feminine design. Silk and lace are the perfect materials for this type of occasion.


Recommended collections: Haisley, Cecily, L.A Girl.



Since birthdays are essentially the celebration of a new year of life, it would be wise to choose a gift from one of the newer collections. The brand new collections follow the latest trends and have the ability to transform any woman into a "fashionista", regardless of the number she celebrates. BonBon Lingerie stands for Estonian, handmade premium lingerie and is an important competitor on the European and global markets. At BonBon Lingerie you can be sure that the gift you choose is not only beautiful, but also exceptionally chic.


By giving your loved one lingerie, you are rewarding her with something much more meaningful than just a commodity. No matter whether you choose a gift from the list above or a gift voucher, with BonBon you can give your loved one the gift of self-confidence, sexiness, feminine power, premium quality, unique design and luxurious materials, among other things. A thoughtful lingerie gift creates passionate, positive emotions that won't soon be forgotten!