Women who wrote history

The story of BonBon Lingerie begins with a woman and her dreams. The definition of a woman today is far from what it was a century ago. Back then, the position of women was clearly defined and their options were very limited. In many ways this is over today.


But gender discrimination has not been completely eradicated, and the dream of equality lives on in the hearts and dreams of many modern women.


To understand the charms and challenges of being a woman, let's look at three inspiring female role models who have changed the image of women and continue to change it today. They are role models who continually remind us why we love being women.



Audrey Hepburn, one of Hollywood's most popular and successful actresses, will be honored for both her acting achievements and her philanthropic work as a UNICEF Ambassador, making her one of the most important female role models in history.

Audrey dedicated her life, steeped in love and compassion, to being a mother, wife and humanitarian. Films like A Heart and a Crown (1953) and Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) have left a lasting impression on women across generations leave behind. The cinematic works of art did not leave the women of the time unimpressed and are still appreciated today by modern generations who like to be inspired by the past.


Audrey's remarkable ability to slip into a role, her charismatic personality, and her impeccable sense of style have shaped both the film and fashion industries and ensured that her characters remain among the most quoted in the world to this day. Hepburn's portrayal of Holly Golightly, a mysterious and eccentric young woman, is considered one of the actress' most memorable and identifiable roles. Holly is portrayed by Audrey as a free spirit who loudly says the most outrageous things and doesn't care what others think. She is a woman who lives by her own rules, a woman who continues to lead the way in the fashion world.


Away from Hollywood, Audrey dedicated herself to working with children and being a voice for the voiceless. Audrey taught us that there are no limits to what a woman can achieve in her lifetime. She will forever be remembered as both a fashion revolutionary and a passionate advocate for the well-being of future generations.



Princess Diana was a woman who left us far too soon, but who still managed to touch the heart of humanity in more ways than one. From her passionate fight to change society's perception of people living with HIV and AIDS, to raising awareness and understanding of bulimia and eating disorders - topics that were previously often considered taboo due to feelings of guilt and shame. She was a woman who was not afraid to defy power and speak the truth, even when it was not expected of her or was considered inappropriate. She was a rebel at heart, who shocked everyone at the time with her innovative views and actions, but who was also able to change the world forever thanks to her courage.


In addition to her unconventional leadership qualities, Diana was also characterized by her experimental style. Despite a very strict dress code, which Diana often defied with provocative outfits on formal occasions, she always managed to look fashionable, elegant and dignified.


She was the first female member of the royal family to wear trousers to a formal event and caused quite a stir when she decided to wear her tiara as a necklace.

Diana loved the color black and was regularly seen in black clothing, although, according to the royal family, black was reserved for funerals and bereavements. She was undeterred and welcomed change. Diana taught us that it is worth questioning the norms society imposes on us and that we should stand up for what we believe in.



Beyonce, the idol of modern women, has for years used her remarkable talent and the fame that comes with it to advocate for others and fight for positive change. Beyonce is a role model for many women. She embodies independence, power and self-confidence. Additionally, she has reached out to millions of people with the moving and meaningful messages behind her music and ensured that her voice is used for social issues.


Beyonce has, among other things, advocated for gender equality and fought for women to have easier access to education. As a representative of her race, she was a leader and fighter against racism. She included minorities in both her own creative process and her charitable acts.


In her last speech Dear Class of 2020, Beyonce addressed school graduates and encouraged them to stand up against racism and sexism and emphasized that the future lies in the hands of younger generations.


In addition to her unique timbre, Beyonce has also become known for her distinctive stage clothing - revealing and sometimes transparent bodysuits. She herself says that she wants to make a statement for herself with her clothing. Beyonce believes that every woman has the right to choose what she wants to wear and the freedom to be sexy when she wants to be. The artist taught us that while confidence is something that comes from within, the right clothing helps take it to unknown heights.



Women who shaped womanhood have not disappeared. They continue to change our world. Women from our past and their actions are an important source of inspiration for the present and the future. Remarkable women are everywhere. Whether it's our leaders, like Finland's youngest Prime Minister Sanna Martin, who is leading the country through the crisis, Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, who is fighting for women to have access to education, or our mothers, who not only give us our lives, but also our lives We have given most of our knowledge - women change the world every day.


The world of BonBon has been shaped by fresh, unique ideas for 16 years and is constantly evolving. Who runs the world of BonBon? Let's take a closer look at the three bosses of BonBon Lingerie, under whose leadership the company has grown into one of the most renowned lingerie brands in Estonia. The harmonious operation of the company and its continuous development is thanks to these three women:


Our eCommerce manager Marge Muug-Tahk, our retail manager Helen Tahk and production manager Annika Lepik.


From left: Helen Tahk, Annika lepik, Marge Muug-Tahk



Marge is the President of BonBon, a visionary and the biggest admirer of our lingerie - her wardrobe features something from each of our latest lingerie collections. Marge is responsible for creating and maintaining BonBon's brand image. Under her guidance and leadership, digital customer service becomes a reality for the company.


Who is the BonBon woman?

According to Marge: 'The concept of the BonBon woman is based on the most prominent and elegant women in history. There is no definitive answer to who a BonBon woman is. It is not based on numbers such as height or age, but rather on charisma and energy. Our customer is a confident and independent woman who moves with the times.

A woman who knows her worth and expresses it through her character. She embraces her feminine charms and is not afraid to show them publicly. She is optimistic and always open to new challenges. It radiates both provocative elegance and mystery and stimulates the imagination.

You are the face of BonBon. You write your own life and play the main role in our story. The BonBon Revolution stands for strengthening female self-confidence. We dream of a world in which the female body is no longer viewed as a taboo subject. A world in which women have complete freedom of choice over their own lives. Our mission is to help women find their true selves and thereby become the best version of themselves.

If you ask us, women rule the world. Our mission is to inspire you on this magical journey.'


Annika has been working as production manager at BonBon Lingerie for two years and has a total of eight years of experience in clothing production. Under Annika's leadership, BonBon's signature models and patterns are completed in product development.


Design and manufacturing process

Annika: "An item is made by the hardworking hands of 9 seamstresses - a collaboration in which high-quality and timeless lingerie is created through love and care. All of our products are unique in their own way. Thanks to the 100% handmade nature, each piece bears the signatures of the individual seamstresses who contributed to its creation. This nuance often goes unnoticed, but carries a touch of mystery.


In the creative process we take into account aspects such as seasonal trends as well as the wishes of our customers. Our boudoir collection is considered BonBon's specialty. It contains various customer favorites, which also appear as additional products in our other collections. We create lingerie with the aim of emphasizing the personalities of our customers. We attach importance to the smallest details and the so-called finishing touches, which makes our products stand out from the crowd.



Despite her young age of 26, Helen has played an important role in our retail operations for 4 years. This makes her one of the longest-standing and most valuable members of our BonBon family. She is responsible for the smooth running of our branches and ensures that our customer service exceeds all expectations and leaves our customers with unforgettable emotions.


Lingerie and self-confidence

Helen on the subject of lingerie and self-confidence: "I believe that lingerie and a woman's self-confidence are very closely linked. Lingerie is the first layer of clothing that is in close contact with the female body. When a woman prepares for the day ahead by slipping into elegant lingerie, this alone contributes a lot to her well-being, even if the lingerie is not - or barely - visible to others. It is pure knowledge.


Just like clothes, underwear can also be used to accentuate your best sides, be it your waist, your hips or your bust. At the same time, it can conceal areas that you don't like to show off. The right type of lingerie is an aid to concealing a small tummy or making a smaller bust appear larger and fuller. And what could be nicer than putting on the most erotic lingerie set and watching your partner's eyes well up. a beautiful, comfortable and sensual lingerie set can make all your fantasies come true!”



The concept of being a woman is constantly evolving. There is no universal definition. However, one thing is certain: being a woman is something to be very proud of. To celebrate womanhood and help women realize their deepest desires, we created our infamous Boudoir line . 8 beauties await you in our boudoir world: the mysterious Vera, the charming Cher, the sensual Red Flame, the mystical Silver Mist, the powerful Shades, the enchanting Penelope Flirt, the irresistible Desire and the dreamy Cecily.


The floral lace, the delicate details and the elegant cut are typical aspects of the Boudoir collection, and are known for their irresistible and stimulating effect. Bras with an extraordinary design and adjustable G-strings with hot suspender belts await you here - a particularly feminine and luxurious addition to any lingerie set. Playful bodysuits are designed for all of you who want to add some spice to your everyday life. Open bras and thongs are for women ready to unleash their lingerie fantasies. The lingerie offers a remarkable spectacle, whether for your own pleasure or for the pleasure of your partner. Our customers are our entire world. We thank you for your honest feedback and your daily inspiration!