BonBon Lingerie opens the wedding season and guarantees an unforgettable honeymoon

If there's one day in your life that shouldn't be taken for granted, it's your wedding day! On this magical day, your childhood fairy tale of a prince and a princess becomes reality - a love that longs for a grand celebration and a sensational wedding night that you will remember for the rest of your life.


So that the stress of wedding planning doesn't overshadow all the beautiful moments, BonBon Lingerie has taken on the task of planning a magical wedding night. Our lingerie, handmade with love, pampers you not only with beautiful design, but also with the best quality and unique, first-class materials. Put your fairy tale in the hands of our lingerie fairies!


For a heavenly wedding night that exudes romance, choose the idyllic Angelina

If you choose a traditional wedding and a church ceremony, our white Angelina is the ideal choice for you - the traditionally idyllic bridal collection offers BonBon Lingerie's best-selling models in a completely new color. With Angelina every woman feels like a princess. The elegant, delicate lace and the soft mesh melt into your body and let your wedding night shine in a mystical glow, like the magical starry sky.

 Helen is wearing our latest white Angelina push-up bra and thong.


Choose the mischievous Lola for a passionate, free-spirited wedding night

Stay true to your wild nature and enjoy the limitless adventures of your honeymoon in the mischievous Lola. Like a reserved princess, Lola's soul longs for an erotic adventure in which she leaves all modesty behind and dives deep into the sea of ​​marriage to shine with unprecedented self-confidence. Combine Lola's ethereal lace lingerie with the collection's shiny satin kimono and the Diana collection's blue garter to add the ultimate touch of seduction to your bridal wardrobe.

Helen wears the angelic Lola wired bra and G-string, while Vitaliia wears the beautiful Lola bodysuit.


For a provocatively extravagant wedding night, choose the fearlessly unique Haisley

If you like being in the spotlight and feel like tradition isn't your thing, then the unique Haisley bridal lingerie collection with exciting details is made for you. The design of the exceptionally idyllic collection is a meeting of traditional shapes and fascinatingly surreal, cloud-like decorative elements. The stunning Haisley with its cream-colored silver shine and golden decorative elements leaves nothing to chance on your honeymoon but boldly fulfills all your fantasies. The jewel of the collection is the snow-white ruffled garter, whose rich design fits perfectly with BonBon Lingerie's typical light beige Essentials stockings. For an unforgettable end to your wedding day, choose the elegant, mystical, light gray Kimono Haisley, which flatters you royally like a delicate bridal veil.

Yasmyn wears the romantic Haisley bodysuit.


For a princess wedding night full of rosy dreams and heavenly love, choose the fairytale Wisteria Lane

This is your chance to fly like a fairy through the wedding night of your dreams, as the delicate pink lace of Wisteria Lane opens the gates to a fantasy land you've never set foot in - a land in where all your childhood fairy tales and dreams of eternal love become reality. Golden, feminine floral motifs that adorn the pastel purple fabric veil transform you into a bride whose beauty is not surpassed by the princesses of the seven lands and seas.

Brigitte wears the princess-like Wisteria Lane Push-Up Bra, Thong and Garter Belt.


For a sexually charged gothic wedding night, choose the dark, imaginative Mara

On your wedding night with Mara, discover your dark side that was just waiting for its moment. The dark fabrics of the Mara collection envelop your body with a sensual touch and take you on a journey full of dark fantasies. Mara's gothic bridal lingerie transforms you into a real femme fatale whose appeal never seems to fade. Add a touch of perversion to your demonic wedding night with the black lace garter from the Diana collection!

Keiti wears the sensual Mara push-up bra, briefs and garter belt.

Let us know which bride you will portray on your honeymoon!


Always at your service,

BonBon Lingerie