BonBon's Guide: How to Wash Lingerie

How do you care for your body and do you take similar care when it comes to lingerie? If not, we advise you to change this as soon as possible. Lingerie is in close contact with your skin every day. That's why it's very important that you know how to properly care for your lingerie.


Lingerie is an essential part of your wardrobe and your style and accompanies you every step of the way.


Some women prefer a skirt and blouse over a dress, others choose a jacket over a coat, but lingerie is something you'll definitely reach for. Lingerie not only touches your body, it also touches you emotionally.


High-quality and luxurious lingerie gives you self-confidence, even if no one but you sees it. Poorly maintained laundry affects not only your body, but also your mind. Dirty laundry can cause inconveniences such as skin irritation and allergies or even promote infections.


How can you extend the lifespan of laundry items and what does proper care look like?


To feel good, you have to have a certain level of respect for yourself. If you are kind to yourself, you can trigger a whole chain of positive feelings and experiences. This mantra is taught by intelligent women who work in the women's magazine industry, as well as by yoga teachers. We support this way of thinking. We also believe that lingerie should be treated with the same level of respect and love. Whether you believe in the magic of touch or not, your attitude towards your lingerie plays an important role. Your lingerie will either make you happy and satisfied for a long time, or it will quickly lose its positive effect. It's a good idea to wash your lingerie with a good mood; this is how you project your positive energy into them. It's always better to have the sun in your pocket than a thunderstorm!



When you wash your underwear, make sure you sort them by color and material type. White and light laundry can be washed together, dark laundry separately. Information about the materials can be found on the product label. Lace underwear, wool sweaters and sportswear don't mix. If you mix opposite textiles in the washing machine, this can have disastrous consequences that affect the delicate fabrics.



Delicate items of clothing require gentle treatment. Therefore, when washing underwear, make sure to use a delicate detergent that has been specifically developed for the care of delicate laundry.


The wrong type of detergent can roughen the fabric and ruin its appearance. Also pay attention to how much detergent you use. Follow the instructions on the packaging carefully. If you use too much detergent, traces of it can remain in the fabric and, in the worst case, cause an allergic reaction.



Just as there is no one right way to care for a beautiful woman, there is also more than one right way to wash lingerie. Every bra, panties and nightgown has its own "soul", just like a woman. Luckily, lingerie comes with instructions that show you how to wash it properly. It is worth reading and following the manufacturer's instructions. If you choose to ignore the information on the product label and think that it doesn't really matter what temperature or how you wash, dry or iron the garment, you are making a big mistake. The instructions on the product label are rules, not suggestions!


The penalty for ignoring these rules is the loss of a beautiful piece of laundry.



BonBon Lingerie recommends always washing laundry by hand. The three essential steps of handwashing are soaking, washing and rinsing. To soak, place your laundry in cold or lukewarm water with detergent and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. Then rub the laundry gently between your fingers or with a soft brush to gently remove stains. If there are no stains on the laundry, alternately lift and submerge the garment in the water for 2 minutes. Then place it in clean water for 5 minutes. Do not use force and please do not wring out your beautiful laundry, but gently squeeze the excess water out of the item of laundry.


To remove excess water from a bra, it's a good idea to place it between two towels and gently squeeze. Avoid skidding!


Is the hand wash program of a washing machine the same as hand washing?


Even though many washing machines have a special program for delicate fabrics, it is not a 100% replacement for hand washing. If you still decide to clean your laundry in the washing machine, please don't forget to put sensitive items in a laundry net bag beforehand. Also, when washing a bra, remember to fasten the hook and eye closure to avoid damaging other items of clothing. The BonBon Lingerie Store contains special laundry net bags for delicate items of clothing.


You should be particularly careful with underwired and push-up bras, as they can lose their original shape if handled improperly. Bras with thick cups should be returned to their original shape while still damp and then placed on a flat surface to dry.


Hand washing is the best way to extend the life of your laundry so it looks and feels like new even months later.


If you care for your BonBon lingerie with a lot of love and care, you are guaranteed a touch of luxury in your everyday life.