Enter the world of lingerie: gift ideas for the very special woman in your life

Ho-ho-ho! The evil elves of BonBon are back in action, and that can only mean one thing - it's time to begin the most festive time of the year full of luxury, glamor and unforgettable experiences. It is a time when you recognize and celebrate the very special woman in your life - be it your partner, mother, sister or even yourself - because when it comes to giving BonBon Lingerie as a gift, the joy of giving is the joy of giving always the joy of the recipient.

But who wouldn't know how difficult it can be to choose an exciting Christmas present! The selection of models, sizes and designs is so large that even experienced buyers can be overwhelmed. A sophisticated lingerie gift is the chance to bring a touch of luxury and extravagance into your everyday life, because who among us pays attention to the fact that the materials that come into direct contact with our bodies are skin-friendly and at the same time provide us with the necessary can recharge female self-confidence and sensuality? So when you gift luxury lingerie, you're not just giving her a short-term thrill, but a feeling of well-being that will last for years.

Bite Me Dessous-Set

Ivi is wearing the super sexy Bite Me lingerie set.


To make the holidays less stressful and more relaxing, the cheeky elves from BonBon have put together the most exclusive gift ideas for 2022. If our gift guide accidentally ends up in your hands, don't miss the chance to pass it on to your loved ones and give them a tip for their Christmas wish list.


Give yourself a gift and give your loved one sexy lingerie

Sensual lingerie is the best kept secret for a successful sex life in the world. So give your sweetheart a little courage and give him or her the impetus for a journey of self-discovery from which you will both benefit. We've put together a simple roundup of lingerie gift ideas that are both our women's favorite pieces and suitable for everyone.


When choosing a gift for a provocative woman, the dwarves recommend taking a look at our unique Boudoir collection, where you can find seductive lace bras, panties, bodysuits and erotic altar stockings and suspenders made of finer find European lace.

Coco Heart Push-Up-Bh & Coco Heart Tanga

Piia wears an elegant push-up bra and G-string from Coco Heart. The body is adorned with the adorable Coco Heart garter belt.


A gift you simply can't pass up is our colorful collection of open G-strings in one size. Choose a bra from the same collection or combine the thong with glittering nipple pasties from Bijoux Indiscrets. Gift her lingerie that you can enjoy together for indelible pleasure and share your most vivid fantasies with her by expressing your love in all five possible love languages.

Kitty Hawk Nachtkleid

Piia is wearing a Kitty Hawk nightgown with rich lace.


A simple guide: How to choose lingerie for a woman?

Inspired by women's beauty and confidence, Estonian designer lingerie brand BonBon Lingerie has been producing handmade lingerie since 2004. We can assure you that buying lingerie for a woman doesn't have to be as difficult as you think! All you need is the answer to three simple questions.


1. What size does she wear?

The best way to find out the size of a woman's underwear is to look in the lingerie drawer and the labels of her favorite line. Usually the size of the bra is indicated with two numbers and a letter, e.g. b 75B. Once you find your bra size, do the same with the panties.


2. What cut does she like?

Does she like to wear a push-up bra, a lace underwire bra or a triangle bra? Once you've figured that out, find out whether she prefers panties, thongs, or thongs. Women usually prefer panties in the cut that is most comfortable for their legs and fits their body type.


3. What is his favorite color?

Spike his sink. Do you like light, dark or bright underwear? What makes her feel most confident?

Remember the information you've gathered so far and show your loved one how well you know her by choosing lingerie for her in our online store , because Returns with us is always FREE!

Luna Offener-Body

Piia wears the sensual Luna open body.


Merry and passionate Christmas!

Always yours,
BonBon Lingerie