The use of undergarments has been around for centuries. The first forms of undergarments were already evident in ancient Egypt, but it wasn’t until the Roman Era that these were used similarly to how we use them today. Unlike the bras that we have now, women back in history wore tight bands located not above but below the breast. Fast forward to the 1500s to the 1900s, women’s lingerie eventually became a set of garments with stringent structures designed to shape and transform the body to conform to certain beauty and social standards, such as the corset.


Today, lingerie is still seen as a way to please other people’s expectations and fit into social norms. In fact, the strange myth surrounding lingerie purchases for many women, that wearing one is for the sole purpose of alluring your significant other, is still very much evident in our society. However, lingerie is more than that. Wearing beautiful undergarments, whether for your lover or not, can also be your way to show self-love.


Here are three ways lingerie can help you practice self-love:


Boost self-confidence

What you wear can significantly affect how you feel about yourself. So, wearing nice quality underwear or lingerie sets, even if no one sees it, can help boost your confidence and self-esteem, allowing you to love yourself more. This psychological concept is called Enclothed Cognition, which explains that the traits and feelings associated with clothing not only affect how others perceive you but also how you perceive yourself and behave in different attire. For instance, if you associate confidence, strength, and attractiveness with specific lingerie, you will start feeling those positive traits when you wear them. By practicing this kind of mentality with your clothing, you will see positive effects on your emotional state while showing off your femininity, sexual liberation, and girl power. With our vivid and sultry Pamela and Birdie lingerie collections, you will feel more empowered to conquer new adventures while feeling unfettered and confident about yourself.

BonBon Lingerie Birdie Offener-Bh & G-String

 Laura is wearing sensually lively Birdie ouvert bra.


Improve self-image

Lingerie can also give you the power to improve your self-image because feeling good about what you’re wearing, even when it’s not visible to other people, allows you to feel validation internally rather than seeking it from others. In the 2021 issue of British Vogue, Billie Eilish championed body positivity by letting go of her insecurities and empowering women to love their bodies, whether they choose to show off their skin or not. In the interview, Eilish reminds everyone to wear and do things that will make them feel good and look good, whatever other people say. So when people judge you for buying and wearing lingerie, remember that you’re doing this for yourself and that you don’t need other people’s validation to wear what will make you feel good about your body and self-image. If you are searching for everyday comfort and seek to emphasize your natural beauty, our 2022 best-selling collection Angelina and the most successful newcomer Coco Heart are the one for you. The classic cuts of the collections highlight your unique curves in the best way possible, marking the beginning of your journey of self-love.

BonBon Lingerie Coco Heart Bügel-Bh & Slip

Laura is wearing luxuriously sensual Coco Heart underwired bra and panties.


Form of self-expression

Because our outfits are bound by cultural and societal norms, you may feel restricted by the type of clothing you can wear. For instance, you cannot wear clothing made from lace and see-through fabric on some occasions. With lingerie sets, however, you don’t need to conform to norms because they can be for your eyes only. This freedom allows you to express yourself and your identity, despite wearing business attire or a uniform daily. That means that even if your outerwear is plain and simple, your underwear can be something truly exciting. In our previous post on ‘22/23 New Season, we shared some of our latest lingerie pieces that will let you discover your inner wild cowgirl and dance to the dizzying beats of the 2000s. For example, the season’s Bite Me and Kitty Hawk collections will allow you to showcase courage and independence, indicating that you live and love yourself by your own rules. So, if you have the courage to be different and to shine in the spotlight, those fierce lingerie sets are your secret weapon to expressing those feelings.

BonBon Lingerie Kitty Hawk Push-Up-Bh & Tanga

Kätlin is wearing firely sexy Kitty Hawk push-up bra and thong.


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Written by Allyson Mali Coles
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