Nightwear as office wear? Celebrities show us how it's done

We spend at least a third of our lives sleeping - so mathematically we sleep a total of four months a year. Are you spending this time in the best possible way or does your concept for the dream night need to be improved a little?


The temperature of the room, your bed, the pillows and the duvet are only a fraction of what influences a good night's sleep. You also need to focus your attention on your feelings, feel comfortable, and maintain your fiery passion in the bedroom. There's no easier way than investing in quality nightwear! The quality of your sleep and the mood in the bedroom not only influence a particular night of sleep, but also set the foundation for the next day and your overall state of mind.


In this blog post we explore attitudes towards sleepwear and take a look at world-famous people who have influenced these attitudes. Can nightwear also be considered an acceptable form of office attire? We'll introduce you to some models that you'll fall in love with at first sight.


Celebrities in nightwear

In 1931, Vogue published an article that included instructions on where and how to wear nightwear:


"A woman can wear her pajamas to a formal dinner at home, to a dinner with acquaintances in the city or in the country, and the more innovative women can even wear their nightwear to the theater."


It is often thought that showcasing nightwear outside of the home is a recent trend, but this combination of style and comfort provided by a comfortable shirt and trousers has long been the secret weapon of several style icons.


The silent film actress, the beautiful Claudette Colbert, was the first to wear nightwear on the big screen; Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo soon followed her example. Pajamas became stylish clothing that could be worn morning, afternoon, evening and night. The pajamas exuded a certain elegance, which French fashion designer Coco Chanel beautifully emphasized with her silk combination. Coco Chanel's influence on female fashion cannot be overstated, she proved that stylish clothes can also be comfortable.


Audrey Hepburn looked strikingly stylish as Regina Lampert in the film "Charade" in any clothing, but what her admirers really remember was her blue lace pajamas with white details.

Supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss created an entire collection of nightwear specifically for going out. But Selena Gomez caught the attention of journalists with her great ability to combine pajamas with sandals and look phenomenally impressive.


In 2016, pajamas took over the fashion weeks in Milan and New York. They have been proudly worn by designers and fashion gurus.

The role of sleepwear in the lives of women around the world

In this day and age, wearing lingerie as a statement piece is no longer anything special. Some lingerie is just made for that. An example of this are the bodysuits from BonBon, which can be combined so well with everyday clothing. The illustrative photo shows how Brigitte styles her BonBon Wisteria Lane Bodysuit with her everyday outfit.

Brigitte is wearing the beautiful Wisteria Lane Bodysuit.

However, wearing nightwear outside of your own four walls is not yet as common as attracting attention with sexy lingerie. But various items of clothing that can be classified as sleepwear and are worn either when entertaining guests at home or while working from home can also take on the role of everyday wear.


When you work from home, you may not pay as much attention to what you wear as you do when working with colleagues. But what you wear has a direct impact on your work efficiency. This is what Dr. Karen Pine found in her 2010 study at the University of Hertfordshire, in which she stated: "Our clothes not only affect the other people around us, they also reflect and influence the wearer's mood." Many participants in the study confirmed that their emotional state is closely linked to and influenced by their clothing.


By acting intelligently and consciously when choosing, it is possible to create positive emotions and thereby improve the results of work and the sense of self. You don't have to buy work clothes separately because, as mentioned before, nightwear is also suitable for wearing during the day. Regardless of whether it's a busy day in the home office or a cozy weekend in your own four walls, beautiful nightwear is definitely a choice that increases your sense of self. If you're still feeling self-conscious, remember Coco Chanel and other influential women who weren't afraid to strut the streets in their silk pajamas, complemented by a pair of sandals or high heels.


A meeting with the underwear of dreams

Finding the underwear of your dreams is not always easy, but the satisfaction of meeting your favorite underwear makes you forget all the unsuccessful meetings. BonBon has been working for 15 years to ensure that the dreams of women around the world are fulfilled and that everyone who visits a BonBon salon or retailer can find quality, great-fitting underwear every day and finds night.


BonBon's selection in the nightwear category includes dressing gowns, nightgowns, long and short trousers, tops and blouses with long sleeves. There are sets for the boudoir that emphasize being sexy as well as luxurious classics.


Sleepwear and dressing gowns made from organic textiles

Ines is wearing the seductive Mara Black nightgown.


Women who appreciate natural materials will find nightwear made from viscose, modal and silk in BonBon's selection. Viscose and cotton are similar in terms of their components because both are made from cellulose.Modal is viscose with improved properties, it is soft, light, skin-friendly, does not wrinkle or shrink when washed. Modal is considered the material of the future, whose wonderful properties you should experience for yourself. The Adelaide dressing gown from BonBon is made from high-quality Italian modal, which is complemented by a treatment that adds shine.


The Mara nightdress is a poetic ode to mystical women - the seductively sensual lace details and flowing flounces transform you into a seductive nighttime seductress.


Luxurious, silky femininity

Silk, which belongs to the upper class of luxurious fabrics, needs no introduction: it is natural, delicate, soft and wavy, it emphasizes the tempting curves of a woman. Silk responds according to the situation: providing coolness on a hot summer day and a warm embrace on a cool winter evening. At the same time it allows the skin to breathe.


The collection Foxy Ladies Brigitte from BonBon is the queen of exclusive collections. The selection of full silk nightwear is inspired by famous women of different eras, whose radiance does not fade. The muse of the collection is the embodiment of femininity – Brigitte Bardot.


BonBon's Lingerie Wisdom

BonBon Lingerie knows that lingerie affects the wearer both physically and emotionally, even when little attention is paid to it. Luxurious collections (e.g.b Lola, Haisley, Wisteria Lane) increase our appreciation for ourselves, fiery red lingerie (Dhalia) increase the sexy temperament in every person , and detailed lingerie (Primrose) create a playful atmosphere and feminine charisma.


Sleepwear is a suitable gift for ourselves, a dear female acquaintance or a family member. It is suitable workwear for the home office, a stimulating surprise at a romantic meeting and comfortable and practical clothing for the weekend.


Dear women, luxurious nightwear is waiting for you at BonBon Lingerie. Choose your favorites and shine through the days like a goddess. Enter the magical world of BonBon sleepwear HERE.