A bra with the right fit helps protect breast health

How often do you think about your breast health? Or is the next appointment for a regular breast exam already in your diary? If you answered no to any of these questions, the following article is a guide for you. With the fast pace of life, it can be easy to forget about taking care of your own health, but it's never too late to start a new chapter.


Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, and its insidious causes are difficult to predict. However, it is known that breast health is influenced not only by genes and lifestyle habits, but also by our daily washing habits. In particular, whether the materials that are constantly in contact with the skin are of high quality and whether the cut of the bra meets the needs of the body. Choosing the right bra is an important step that each of us can take to take care of our own health. It is also important to consider the lifespan of the bra.


Experts say that you should replace your tired laundry with a new model every year to get the best support. But before you decide to buy a new bra, you should not only pay attention to the beautiful design when making your choice, but also to the fit of the different bra types on your body. You should take into account the characteristics of your own breast size, your lifestyle and your clothing habits.


To make it easier, we have identified seven different types of bras:

  1. Underwired bras
  2. Bras without underwire
  3. Triangle bras
  4. Push-up bras
  5. Balconette bras
  6. Bra tops
  7. T-shirt bras,

and their specific features to find the best option for you.


1. Underwired bra or strong support with natural elasticity.

The underwired bra is characterized by a curved support element made of metal or plastic that supports the lower part of the breast. When choosing the size, make sure that the support arms fit snugly around the bust to fulfill the function and provide the correct support. This type of bra is best suited for the apple type, i.e. H for a figure with a full bust, rounded midsection and narrow hips. But curvy body types such as bell, pear and inverted triangle also look good. You can find out how you can determine your body type in this article. But no matter your shape, a supportive bra is a good choice to prevent back pain, especially for those with a large cleavage. It is also suitable for anyone who wants to achieve a visually natural breast effect without sacrificing comfortable support. Find the design and the right size for you from the large selection of underwired bras from BonBon.In the picture you can see Primrose underwired bra. 


2. Bra without underwire or a solution for metal sensitivity

The non-wired bra takes comfort to a new level. The metal strap system has been replaced with supportive seams, making this bra the right choice if you're sensitive to metal. Suitable for smaller breasts during less active activities. The light padding is also a good choice for those who want to emphasize the natural shape of their breasts.

As far as body type goes, this bra is particularly flattering on a pear and slim hourglass figure. The soft, supportive bra from the BonBon collections is available in the mystical series Night Lily.

In the picture you can see the Night Lily bra without underwire.


3. The triangle bra or the unobtrusive, delicate touch of a trendy cut

The triangle bra gets its name from the straight shape of the ribcage. In contrast to half-moon bras, the triangle bra is designed to be more revealing with a deeper opening at the front. It can be said that a triangle bra without padding and support is a sexier half-sister than a classic bra without underwire. Particularly suitable for women with a rectangular body shape. Although the support of the triangle bra is rather delicate, women with larger busts can also test the fit for comfortable activities. In this case, you should choose a bra with the widest possible lacing and body width to provide comfortable support for the breasts. Discover the fascinating world of triangle bras - Dhalia, Lola, Love Lust or Smoky Quartz. See our selection HERE.

The picture shows a triangle bra from Dhalia.


4. Push-up bra or a safe choice for everyday activities

The push-up bra is one of the most popular bra types that women have worn since time immemorial. And for a good reason. With its supportive arches and breast-enhancing padding, the design works well for both smaller and larger breasts.

Push-up bras typically feature a multi-tier closure system and strong, adjustable straps. In this way, the chosen model can be tailored precisely to the body, creating a well-fitting everyday item of clothing for people with an active lifestyle. The figure is very appealing, especially because of the pear-shaped body, which can be seen from the wider hips and narrower torso. The push-up balances the overall look by only expanding the volume upwards. It is also suitable for athletic and rectangular figures as it supports the formation of a curvy hourglass shape with a breast enlarging effect.

At BonBon, push-up bras generally have only moderate padding, so the bust looks more like a natural basket. If you're looking for a noticeable enlargement effect, you'll also find super push-up bras in our range, such as the pink and gray push-up bra Foxy Ladies Brigitte made of silk. The Haisley Balconette Bra also provides firm support. Choose your new quality bra for everyday life here today.

In the picture you can see the Primrose push-up bra.



The balconette bra offers the same support as a supportive underwire bra, but also a little padding without becoming a push-up. It doesn't give the cleavage any direct volume, but it does make the cleavage visibly rounder. The bra also features a low bust and removable straps, making it suitable for any occasion and under any outfit. Perfect for people with broader shoulders or for triangle or hourglass body shapes. A breast doctor recommended choice for those who have already had a breast lift. BonBon's handmade balconette bras made from high-quality materials - Haisley, Wisteria Lane, Night Lily and Lilian - are waiting to be tried out become.

The picture shows Wisteria Lane balconette bra.



The softly padded cups of the bra top naturally support and shape the breasts. Narrow straps are replaced with wide fabric in the cut of the top, so that the bra does not overload the shoulders and becomes a comfortable part of the outfit. The extended lower part of the top will appeal to the woman who wants more support and coverage. Particularly suitable for curvy body types or those who appreciate an abundance of tasteful design elements. Our lingerie experts' favorites are the L.A Girl in multicolored lace, the lush mesh top Mara and the red Frozen Blooms top.

In the picture you can see the L.A Girl bra top.



The T-shirt bra is characterized by its supportive arms, soft cups and wide-brimmed bust area, designed specifically for larger-busted women whose well-being depends on proper support during daily washing. Find a bra that fits your voluptuous curves in BonBon's T-shirt bra collection.

In the picture you can see Ramona T-shirt bra.


In the ever-evolving world of lingerie, the boundaries of bra comfort are expanding every day. That's why we encourage you not to stop looking for your next bra until you find a model that meets all of your body's needs and lingerie look criteria. The human body is the most rewarding tool we have been given to advance in life and pursue our dreams. In order to preserve them optimally and avoid possible breast diseases, you should remember:


  • Wear a bra that is the right size and cut for you every day. If you're having trouble finding the right model, visit one of our stores. BonBon's lingerie experts will help you find the cut that's right for you.


  • Regular breast exams. Timely advice and help can help prevent health problems from getting worse. Breast doctors recommend a mammogram every two years.


  • Swap your favorite everyday bra for a new model with support every year.


For your healthy lifestyle!
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