What are the most wonderful lingerie for your zodiac sign?

When you start looking for your new seductive lingerie, there are many factors to consider, from skin tone and color to personality and lifestyle. But have you ever thought about what type of underwear might suit you best as zodiac sign X? Well, we do! Here you will find a specific underwear recommendation for your zodiac sign, as well as a range of summer special offers.



You are impulsive and headstrong and always want to have a firm grip on life. The sign of Aries is characterized by unwavering courage, strong leadership qualities and determination. The Aries is not satisfied with small successes in life, but needs big things and exciting adventures. A gray everyday life is particularly exhausting for you, so you have to make conscious decisions to spice up your everyday life. BonBon Lingerie's most fiery and erotic collection, Love Lust, embodies the character traits that perfectly suit Aries - Love Lust is daring, passionate, powerful and relentless in its desire. In lingerie that supports the deepest needs of your soul, you will shine with that special something that will make people long to be close to you and make you irresistibly confident in your professional and social life. And there is no better time than this summer to become aware of your personality and be proud of it. Erotic Love Lust is reduced by up to 30% in our online and physical stores.


Taurus are mystical beings who are often distant and opaque towards others. The Taurus is sensitive and soulful, but also steadfast and unshakable. It is their intelligence to choose their emotions depending on the situation that makes them valued companions among others. And bulls, in turn, want to be appreciated! Romance, sentimentality and luxurious gifts make a Taurus' eyes shine. When choosing lingerie, it's important for Stier to find a model that highlights both her sensitive and powerful features. Taurus loves nature and country life, which is why lace embroidery reminiscent of lush flowers and bright colors is preferred. The exotic and fascinating Amazonite is the strongest example of the primal femininity of Taurus in the BonBon Lingerie lingerie collection. The deep tones of the eerily mystical dark purple fabric speak of female maturity and self-respect. The mint green lace inspired by amasonite crystals balances the bright purple with playful pastel tones, creating a harmony between strong and soft. Amazonite -40% is waiting for you with a summer discount in our online and physical stores.


Gemini is a true queen of polarities, able to adapt to any situation and representing versatility and playfulness. You are a dynamic femme fatale and a gentle and soulful goddess. When the people around you are afraid of change, change gives you vitality. Creativity, fiery emotions and a love of life make Gemini desirable partners in work and relationships. However, in the inner world of Gemini there is sometimes a lot of turmoil caused by their conflicting feelings and desires. It is important to accept your own nature and surrender to it instead of fighting it. Once a Gemini makes friends with themselves, they are invincible! The Smoky Quartz, created from the meeting of feminine and masculine elements, is an ideal complement for Gemini. In the embrace of opposing tones you can be a chameleon, a feminine, gentle angel one moment, a powerful rebel the next. It's time to expand your sexuality and create a world where the opposite polarities within you can coexist in harmony. Discover the power of Smoky Quartz with a -30% discount in our online and physical stores.


Highly sensitive and imaginative Cancers have the desire to fall in love and be loved. Sensuality and romance are Cancer's basic needs, without which their emotionality can take a dark turn. You are ready to make many sacrifices for the well-being of your loved ones, but you must be careful not to forget yourself in the process. You place high demands on yourself. Pretty lingerie and beauty care are therefore a great way to pamper yourself and boost your self-confidence. Primrose is one of BonBon Lingerie's most romantic collections and fits perfectly with the zodiac sign Cancer. If you've always wondered what color love is or longed for true passion, then the answer to your dreams lies in Primrose's luxurious floral pattern with a metallic shimmer! The intoxicating, delicate pink flowers give the body a heavenly, lush shape and fill the heart with radiance, romance and feminine blossom. Get involved with your emotionality and fall in love with the most beautiful beauty in the world that is within you! The Primrose collection awaits you for a summer romance in our online and physical stores with a 30% discount.


Spiritful and large, the lion fills the room with a regal glow, no matter what company you are in. Always ready for heroic deeds and looking for fairytale glory and chivalrous love. Optimism and belief in good keep the representatives of the constellation Leo youthful and seductive. A knack for flirting and attention is useful in all areas of life, but you have to be careful not to trust people too quickly. In order for a Leo to be happy and successful, their self-confidence needs to be worked on. Adorning your body and surrounding yourself with luxury comes naturally to you and gives you the energy you need to complete daily tasks with joy and the exuberance that is characteristic of a Leo. The blood red Dhalia, a color of boldness and magnanimity, is one of BonBon Lingerie's proudest collections and is designed to highlight the essence of a true lioness. The indomitable Dhalia experiences her adventures on her own and obeys only her own wishes. When you choose to take control of your own life, the opinions of the people around you become irrelevant and the gray loneliness of the world fades into the background. Your newfound self-confidence shines like a blood-red flower, whose grace invites every passer-by to pick a blossom. But Dhalia's tribes are intertwined in a strong bond with your feminine nature, which will no longer bow to a heartbreaker. When you wear a dhalia, you will never lack the attention a lion needs! Find the collection with a 20% discount in our e-shop and in our stores.


Virgins with a deep character are enviably mysterious. They radiate a peculiar calm, gentleness and confidence. Those born under this sign have a primal wisdom and feminine power in their soul that helps them overcome life's most difficult challenges. You are lovable and loved by people, but you often get lost in your own thoughts. Finding lingerie that makes your heart beat faster allows you to get in touch with your body and enjoy new, sensual sensations instead of overthinking. A tribute to the wisdom of the Virgin is the magnificent Angelina Collection, whose pearls reflect the honesty of soul and mature trust of the wisest women in history. Your body is the most unique pearl in the world that can never be made the same again. Enjoy the beauty and preciousness of this place by relaxing in the highest quality, perfectly shimmering fabrics and the sensual sea of ​​pearls. Angelina's collection is also available in darker tones, but for the soulful and delicate Virgo, it is the lighter tones that give her inner strength. Visit Angelina in our showrooms or find your new lingerie collection in our online shop.


Balance and elegance are your special virtues. Libra is driven by the desire for harmony and harmony between the spiritual and the physical. Collaboration and proximity to like-minded people are very important to you, which is why you value the recognition and compliments of others. However, it can happen that you focus too much on other people and take your good deeds for granted. In order to maintain balance and recognize your own needs, it is important to find the inner values ​​that you are proud of. Libra's harmonious way of thinking also makes them very physically active and seductive. But success begins with inner self-confidence. That's why the Wisteria Lane lingerie collection, which shows courage and feminine heart, is designed for Libra. The classically beautiful light purple collection is the ultimate harmony between sultry tailoring and sensual design. The fairytale softness of Wisteria Lane matches Libra's character, while the lingerie is decorated with luxurious charms and statement lace, expanding Libra's comfort zone and making her feel proud of her appearance. Start a new chapter in your life where your hidden values ​​are in the spotlight. The pastel-colored dream of Wisteria Lane awaits you with a 30% discount in our online shop.


Independent and magical-mystical, Scorpios leave no one cold. They are either loved or hated. This doesn't make life easy for a Scorpio, but challenges don't intimidate them, but rather spur them on. A Scorpio has the strength, will and energy of many. However, all of this must be put in the right place so that Scorpio's intensity does not become too stressful for himself or those around him. Cold-bloodedness and eroticism are Scorpio's secret weapons that draw him into passionate love relationships. You are the most passionate lover and the most dangerous seducer among the zodiac signs. Her witchy charisma opens doors in all areas of life and has a hypnotic effect on people. In order for the Scorpio sextile to develop its full potential, you should adorn yourself with daring and erotic fabrics. The deep black fabrics of the Mara Collection cling to your body with an erotic touch and take you on a dangerous journey where even your darkest fantasies and most sinful desires become reality! Discover the shadows that have been waiting to come to life. The provocative cuts that are the hallmark of this collection bring to life the mysterious and fiery night demon in you! Get to know your dark side by meeting Mara in our online shop.


Sagittarius is risk-taking and playful, always ready for an adventure. Their unbridled curiosity makes the world seem small, and their actions are driven primarily by strong emotions rather than rational considerations. It is not uncommon for Sagittarius to fall in love easily and trust other people. But it can also be the source of much disappointment and heartache. However, Sagittarius's inherent vitality and self-confidence help him overcome all obstacles and find solutions to even the most difficult problems with ease. Sagittarius does what he wants without waiting for anyone else's approval. It is this unpredictability and a certain childishness that makes people love the company of Sagittarius. It's never boring with you! And your lingerie selection should never be boring. With its exciting color and design palette, Pamela is the perfect lingerie collection to satisfy Sagittarius' passion for excitement. From elegant ash gray to royal deep blue, this series will make you feel like a queen of the world with its generous patterns and soft touch. Pamela Lingerie is the story of a woman as a proud peacock who knows her worth and enjoys being the center of attention. Treat your playful nature to an exciting laundry adventure in the divine fabrics from Pamela -40% discount.


Capricorn is strong-willed and stubborn and stands out from the crowd with his unique energy, honesty and directness. When a Capricorn knows what his goal is, it is difficult to influence or distract him. However, this self-confidence is what makes Capricorns irresistibly sexy. Capricorns know their own worth and do not give themselves away lightly. Representatives of this sign are warriors who can rule the world alone and without hesitation. But Capricorns also need closeness and affection, even if they don't always want to admit it. You may be strong alone, but when you find the right life companions, you go from strong to invincible. The self-knowledge and wisdom that flows within you is the foundation for great deeds that can make the world a better place. But don't be too hard on yourself, forget about your physical pleasures and your secret sexual fantasies. For this purpose, BonBon Lingerie created the ruthless warrior Luna. The Luna Collection makes the body shine and reveals passionate treasures. Slim cuts and erotic, transparent fabrics are a paean to the beauty of women. The timeless black lace layered over warm body tones exudes a real sense of sexiness, passion and courage. The allure of unique details and the strong colors inspired by the magical smoky quartz let your self-confidence shine attractively. Meet your soulmate with Luna in our online shop or in our showrooms.


Aquarius apparently comes from another planet. Your eerie mystery, sensitivity and amazing creativity make you a truly mystical sign. You are an incorrigible dreamer whose imagination knows no bounds and whose emotions can wash over you like waves. You have an enviable intuition that helps you navigate the world around you. You recognize kindness and honesty, which empowers you to make wise decisions in work and relationships. This inner compass impresses those around you and ensures that you are highly valued in society. The dreamy spirit of Aquarius is idyllic with BonBon Lingerie's dreamiest collection, Haisley. With her silvery shine, Haisley looks like a magical heavenly angel from a midsummer night's dream, whose body is adorned with a surrealistic ornament of criss-cross clouds. The design of this idyllic collection combines a classic festive atmosphere with unusually exciting and original details. With Haisley you reach your limits and become even more intuitive and sensitive. Start your summer fashion with Haisley with a 30% discount and find the extravagant collection in our online and physical stores.


The romantic and sensitive Pisces are deeply feminine and have a very strong love instinct. They like to go through life and trust their feelings when making decisions. Love and closeness to the people they love are their top priority. Pisces often live a withdrawn life and can suffer from excessive emotionality. Low self-esteem and distrust of fulfilling dreams can lead Pisces away from the path to success. For this reason, Pisces must work hard on their inner world, strengthen their self-confidence and consciously look for good feelings in life. Water is the safety zone and the soul element of the fish, which is why the light blue wavy Lola suits the fish perfectly. The seemingly delicate and innocent lace in soft ocean tones hides an abundance of sophistication and exuberance in its subtle pattern. The sensual fabrics of Lola flow lavishly over the body and strengthen self-confidence. The playful cuts go well with the diverse inner world of the fish and its rich imagination. When you are in your element as a Pisces, you become one of the strongest and most successful personalities. To boost your success, check out the 30% off Lola collection in our stores or check out the lingerie online.


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