22/23 new season: find yourself in a cowgirl frenzy and dance to the dizzying beat of the 2000s

The autumn-winter season is just around the corner and invites you to discover the beautiful melodies of your soul. The colorful Birdie, the powerful Bite Me and the poetic Coco Heart collections are inspired by music and touching lyrics. They also draw inspiration from various cultural movements and the women in their midst. Like a dizzying music video, the new season tells the story of different women - fighters, freedom fighters and passionate lovers - represented by the collections' wild cowgirl personalities. BonBon Lingerie designer Mirjam Mäeots: "I chose cowgirls to represent the aesthetic of the Fall/Winter 22/23 lingerie collections because the Wild West has always been a world where women are the exception, the independent fighters and the pioneers . Similarly, the entire concept of the season is inspired by Dua Lipa's song Love Again, which inspired the names of each collection, inspired by the titles of the songs that spoke to me."


BIRDIE - Barbie-like cheeky cowgirl

The Birdie Collection is a collection of the most exciting and beautiful moments in life. If you dare to stand out from the gray crowd and decorate your body with color, you will feel like a free flower child in the middle of a field of limitless dreams. No one can rob you of your intoxicating femininity or dampen the desires of your soul, because your confidence is a compass that will always find the way to fulfill your wildest fantasies. Like a wild cowgirl, you and Birdie will conquer all undiscovered lands and adventures and always feel fresh, free and full of vitality.
Kätlin is wearing a Birdie Underwired bra and G-string.

The Birdie collection is inspired by Nelly Furtado's hit "I'm like a Bird" - both in its message and its look. But in a modern twist, the musicians include world-famous model and fashion icon Kendall Jenner and pop singer Dua Lipa, who represent daring values: the desire for freedom, a daring personality and self-confidence. They are also known for their 2000s-inspired personal style, which made a major comeback in the fashion world in 2022. When you imagine the feeling of the Birdie Collection, a lonely flower that symbolizes limitless freedom comes to mind.

Birdie's refreshing lace with orange flowers is BonBon's signature pattern with an airy and soft texture of the highest quality. Among the latest trends, the collection reflects experimentation with a symbiosis of contrasting elastic and lace fabric. The open bra with the popular cut is the first in the collection with a multicolored design, whose harmonious pastel tones emphasize the fullness of the female body contours.

Kseniya is wearing an open wired bra and G-string from Birdie.

BITE ME - A majestic and seductive tiger girl who revels in the liberating rhythm of pop-punk.

The Bite Me collection brings to life the primal tiger of the female spirit, whose majestic stripes are a symbol of courage and independence. The extravagant design is inspired by a strong and independent woman whose nature is seductive but never truly accessible. She doesn't let anyone share her soul, because like a wild tiger, she has to go her own way and live by her own rules. Figure out your own predatory passions and triumph over your life as an evil kitten as Bite Me captures the admiration and attention of the world. Being naughty has never looked so tempting, meow!
Kseniya and Kaoka are wearing Bite Me Bodysuits.

Bite Me is reminiscent of Avril Lavigne's early 2000s pop-punk vibe, simultaneously feminine but cold and hungry for love but ultimately independent. Bite Me is inspired by the strappy design of the popular Shades collection, with the streamlined stripes of the tiger print adding a new fierceness. The collection is characterized by striking lines and a graphic look, following the trend of combining sheer fabric and structured details. The body harness, with its exclusive silver ring design inspired by the body harnesses from the Cafe Latte and Ayame collections, is once again available in limited quantities. In addition, the Bite Me range offers an irresistibly sexy addition to our range of long-sleeved and black bodysuits. The new, seductively translucent and abstractly designed body is a rebirth of the extremely successful and fast-selling Mara and Ayame bodies. If you love eye-catching and distinctive bodysuits, you won't be disappointed with Bite Me.

Kseniya wears the Bite Me triangle bra, thong and body harness.


COCO HEART - A snow queen with crystal clear self-esteem whose heart melts to an Elton John ballad.

The Coco Heart collection pays homage to the first two millennia by taking inspiration from the iconic lyrics of Elton John and Dua Lipa about opening the heart to a new love. Dark blue ice flowers and crystal clear lace add mysticism and strength to feminine tenderness and will melt your heart. In the crystalline fabrics of Coco Heart, frozen dreams and repressed fantasies come to life, and a passionate and vaguely beautiful Nordic pop princess emerges.


Coco Heart is a woman with a frozen heart who never thought her heart could beat any faster. She is a woman who symbolizes mixed emotions and the desire to leave everything behind. The desire to be free and the constant battle with yourself. But there is always hope in her to free her heart from the ice crystals.

Kätlin wears the Coco Heart Body.Coco Heart available from March 27th09.2022


The erotic open G-string Coco Heart joins the popular boudoir collection from BonBon as an exclusive novelty. The translucent blue mesh and casual cut invite you to be adventurous and show off a more sensual side than ever before. The long-awaited bra with a balconette cut and supportive straps is also back on sale. Inspired by the popular Mint Passion low-cut bra, the new design offers similar support and comfortable design elements. The partially sheer bra is decorated with lace, reminiscent of an ice flower in paradise, capturing the body's natural beauty and deepening self-confidence.

Kseniya is wearing the Coco Heart triangle bra and an open G-string. Kätlin is wearing a Coco Heart underwired bra and a thong. Coco Heart available from March 27th09.2022


Sink into the sweet sleep of fall nights in the soft Coco Heart top and shorts, a heavenly new alternative to Wisteria Lane's best-selling sleepwear set. The high-quality natural viscose is cool, breathable and soft on the back, retains color well and wrinkles little, so you always look good.

Tights and bodysuit fans should also be on the lookout as the stockings in the BonBon essentials range are now available in a seductive navy blue and the bodysuit range welcomes an even more sexy open design. A deep neckline, sexy crossed lace and an open cut give the waist a streamlined rigor. The deep blue stockings go perfectly with the Coco Heart body and make every outfit look sophisticated and seductive. Combine the new essentials with one of our directly matching garter belts.

The Coco Heart collection will be available starting March 27th.09.Will be available in our online shop and in BonBon Lingerie stores in 2022.

Campaign: BonBon Lingerie

Images by Arnaud Lafeuillade

Make-up & Stylist: Mary-Ly Kapp

Hairstyle: Edvard Hiietam

Models: Kätlin Hallik, Kseniya Satarova, Kaoka Nii