Thank you for supporting the sustainable fashion industry and taking the time to familiarize yourself with the sustainability principles of BonBon Lingerie. Our priority is to make environmentally friendly decisions in every part of our supply chain management.

The main principles of ethics and sustainability that we follow are:

  1. We reuse textiles to reduce the ecological footprint. We always use all materials to the maximum to avoid unnecessary textile loss. The surplus of lace and textiles generated in the production process of one collection finds creative use both in product development and in supplementing existing collections.

    One of our all time most popular and comfortable collections, Lilium Decay, is made entirely from recycled leftover materials, without compromising on beautiful design. Together with lingerie, our swimwear collection Aphrodite is entirely made of textiles produced from recycled plastics that have been separated from the ocean. Both the lining and the main material are recycled. For our beautiful prints we have used digital printing, the process of which uses less water compared to other printing and dyeing methods and therefore, causes minimal water pollution. Our goal is to make sure in the future, all of the materials used in our production are fully recyclable and biodegradable. 

  2. We calculate our production volumes to prevent overproduction. The products under product development correlate with past sales data to avoid overproduction. As a premium brand, our luxury lingerie is produced only in limited quantities, which helps to prevent overconsumption and the promotion of fast fashion.

  3. Our lingerie is handmade to ensure the highest quality possible. BonBon Lingerie’s lingerie is handmade by experienced seamstresses. A total of 15 people take part in the birth of one lingerie set. The products are first cut out, then sewn with machines and handcrafted for smaller details. Our pattern seamstress Merle has been with our team since the very beginning of the brand in 2004 making her the company’s worker with the longest tenure. Together with Merle, there are a handful of other BonBon Lingerie employees with tenure exceeding ten years. Lastly our experts perform a quality control for all the products before they will be available for sale. This ensures our products are made with love and designed to last.

  4. Estonian production that contributes to the local economy. We produce all of our products right here in Tallinn, in our small sewing factory. By doing so, we are environmentally conscious through minimising transportation volumes and contributing to improving the local economy.

  5. We ensure good working conditions and the safety of our employees. In our production management we follow the principles of fair trade and guarantee our employees are treated in compliance with human rights. We do not use child labor and we pay our seamstresses above the average wage for the same position in Estonia. We take certain precautions in our workspaces to ensure the highest safety of our employees.

  6. We only use materials of the highest quality and in compliance with ethical production principles. We have been a Fur Free Retailer (FFR) certified member since 2020, which means we do not use animal fur in our production. We only use high-quality materials from transparent and reliable European suppliers.

  7. Life-time guarantee and risk-free investment. Using the highest quality materials and detail-oriented production processes, we can produce products that will last you a lifetime. Therefore, we guarantee that our products will not break or lose their shape when properly maintained. However, if anything happens to the product or its details, we will offer a free repair service or replace the defective product with a new one within two months of purchase. Inevitably, our lingerie as all attire will wear out eventually with enough wear and wash times, regardless of how well it was produced. Learn more HERE about what you can do yourself to extend the lifetime of your beloved product.