Luxury lingerie by women for women - During Women's Month, notice the wonderful woman next to you and give her a gift that will last!

Model: Kevad Belle Saarepera
Photos: Anna Kriger


March is Women's Month! Every day, but especially in March, we invite you to notice and acknowledge the wonderful woman next to you - be it your loving mother, your love of life, your soulful sister, your best friend, your hard-working colleague, your inspiring public figure or the wonderful YOU! The beginning of March and the sun are a time of positive energy and fresh ideas, when spring brings femininity and the powerful creative energy that is so inherent in women. Support women's triumph by giving your loved ones the confidence they need for the year ahead with a special gift and personal message.

Gifts are a language of love that BonBon Lingerie speaks like a native language. A personal gift says more than a thousand words, and our specialty is fulfilling women's wishes. Designed by women for women, we have focused on meeting women's needs from the start. As befits luxury goods, we value comfort, sustainability and aesthetic beauty, because we also love being women, more than anything! Read on to find out why luxury lingerie is always a worthwhile and practical choice for every woman.


Which woman dreams of luxury lingerie?

Tiger Dreams BodyKevad Belle wears the provocative Tiger Dreams-Body.


It values ​​a rich and clean natural environment and an adequate quality of life for qualified workers

BonBon Lingerie is a small, family-run business with production staffed by just 17 experienced seamstresses. We value the well-being of our employees and fair wages, which is reflected in the fact that most of our seamstresses have been with us since the early years of the brand. Each of our products is handcrafted by up to 15 dedicated professionals.


Reusing textiles is an important part of the production process to reduce the brand's ecological footprint and preserve the natural environment. We use all materials optimally to avoid unnecessary textile losses. The lace and textile surpluses created during the production of a collection are creatively reused in product development and to complement existing collections, rather than being thrown away. We are proud that all of our new collections consist of at least 50% recycled or remanufactured materials. In addition, our entire swim collection is made from textiles made from recycled plastics separated from the ocean.


We are one of the few Estonian brands that are determined to keep their production in the country. The decision to make 100% of our production in our small sewing factory in Tallinn means that we can rely on the ethics of our production chain, protecting the environment at the expense of transport and contributing to the development of the local economy.


She cares about her body and values ​​comfort above all else Kevad Belle wears the mystical Tiger Dreams Underwired Bra.


High-quality European fabrics and the skillful hand of dedicated seamstresses are the golden combination from which collections are created that adapt to a woman's body. A single product can be made by up to nine different seamstresses, working together to create luxurious comfort. All fabrics are selected so that their dyes do not contain toxins that are harmful to the body. By using the highest quality materials and detail-oriented manufacturing processes, we are able to create products that can be worn for years and guarantee long-lasting comfort for every woman. In addition to the guaranteed comfort in everyday life, wearing lingerie that has been sewn with love strengthens a feeling of self-love and pride in your own body.

We develop lingerie for women with any mission - be it an active lifestyle, a ritual of self-love or the desire to pamper your lover. One thing is for sure - whatever her role, we will support her 24/7 and give her the shine she needs to boost her self-confidence.

If you value the comfort and quality of luxury lingerie in everyday life, we recommend our collections Angelina, Tiger Dreams, Dhalia and Kitty Hawk. These lingerie collections range up to a 90E cup and XXL bottoms, providing firm support to our bustier and curvier beauties.


She values ​​uniqueness and wants to feel special every day 

Kevad Belle wears the chic Sweet Escape Open Bra, G-String and Garter Belt.


We give ourselves completely to creativity and imagination. Our visions are not limited to cuts, designs and materials, but we create identity-forming lingerie. Collections with a magical backstory invite the wearer on a journey with each wear, where reality is only limited by their own rich imagination. As a premium brand, BonBon Lingerie's underwear is sewn in limited quantities, which helps avoid overconsumption and promotes unique design, unlike fast fashion.

In the design process we focus on the latest trends and feedback from our customers. Thanks to our years of experience, we know which models work, because our toughest critics are the women themselves. We know the effect of color theory and know that eye-catching products are directly linked to a positive attitude. So let's find out whether she is a classicist who appreciates traditional colors or a risk-taking revolutionary who cannot say no to even the boldest solutions? Maybe she's the woman who needs a little push to start her own journey of sexual discovery and explore all the endless possibilities the world has to offer.

If she is identified primarily by her uniqueness, she is with our detailed and colorful collections Coco Heart, Sweet Escape, Penelope Flirt, Pamela and Bite Me well served, which will draw even the most conservative eyes with awe and envy.

Kevad Belle wears a playful Tiger Dreams Body.


Thank you, women, for existing!
You give our work meaning!
- With love, BonBon Lingerie