Make-up & Hair: Viktoria Arapina

Models: Ann & Evgenia

Style: BonBon Lingerie


Christmas is just around the corner and hopefully your significant other has been a good (read: naughty) girl this year. BonBon’s sexy elves have heard the prayers of men and come together once again to help out those in need. We are here to help you find the perfect gift that brings joy not only to that special woman in your life, but also, obviously, yourself. There is nothing better than enjoying each other's company on cozy Christmas evenings, clothing optional of course. Long holidays are also a great opportunity to slow down and spend some quality time with your loved one. And don’t forget - BonBon’s erotic lingerie might just be the key to making that time unforgettable.

Notice which of our characters' personality traits can be found least in your special woman and help her get back in touch with them just in time for Christmas - now that’s a priceless gift in itself.


Sensual lover

This is a woman, the embodiment of a gift, who yearns for the time when you’ll ‘unravel’ her! Do you feel as if the lover has left your bedroom? Bring her back! The lover begins with lingerie. Above all, lingerie is for the woman herself as a gorgeous set has the power to create an indescribably amazing feeling deep inside. If she has a weak connection with the lover character then most likely she has neglected herself and needs some pampering.


All you need for Christmas is a lover in the Harmony lingerie set in your bedroom…


BonBon’s erotic lingerie is the perfect way to help the lover find her way back to sensual, passionate and fiery energy. The mesmerisingly feminine and sexy Harmony push-up bra and panties is the fool-proof choice in this situation. The addictive suspender belt adds the necessary touch of playfulness. This Christmas, remind your lover of how much of an irresistible and confident woman she truly is. Sometimes, even sensually dangerous. Make her feel desirable and your Christmas will be filled with flirting, teasing and rewarding pleasures.


The Harmony bra and panties of the sensual lover await to be unraveled.




Mischievous girl

Christmas is the time of giving. A girly woman loves surprises. She lets you pamper and take care of her. She prefers to spend time in your company above anything else. Gifts instantly make her happy and her joy quickly becomes contagious. One thing leads to another and suddenly you’ll find yourselves cruising down a wave of utter sexual pleasures.

The candy-licious girl gets her mischievous mood from the Glory lingerie set.


The girl in her loves frills, tassels, and lace - the exact components of an erotic lingerie set. BonBon’s spicy-red Glory collection offers various desirably sexy lingerie sets that spice up you sex life, make wild fantasies a reality, and bring playfulness back into your bedroom. Isn’t that just the most perfect gift for you both? And the best part - if the girl in her has been satisfied, the lover in her emerges and she’ll want to give herself to you! Christmas makes us all slightly more giddy and excited so it’s an especially magical time for all the women with girly girl alter egos.


The gorgeous doll in Glory invites you to play.




Confident Queen

Everybody knows that a confident woman is a beautiful woman. The queen in her knows exactly what, when and how she wants it. As simple as that. She knows her body and isn’t afraid to voice her wishes. The queen knows when to be as gentle as a snowflake, and when to be as hard as ice. Same rules apply in the bedroom as well. Expensive and high-quality fabrics covering her most delicate body parts is pleasure in itself and premium sensual lingerie in her drawer is a normal sight.


Coco Heart’s push-up bra and panties will warm up even the coldest of winter nights.


BonBon’s Coco Heart collection is made for such a self-aware woman who needs to be warmed up from time to time in order to experience her softer side. The crystal toned lace gently caressing the skin of your otherworldly queen is already a good start to foreplay. Give her the gift she deserves and she’ll give you a Christmas you’ll never forget.


The amazing Coco Heart collection will melt the ice queen’s heart.




Sexy housewife

Feminine, fertile, and nurturing - a divine creator who has so many skills that a book could be written about them. She is almost like a gift sent from angels, who warmly welcomes you every night at the door and allows you entry to her garden. You have the chance to shape that garden into a true paradise by lending your caring gardener hand.

The housewife feels sweeter than a gingerbread in the Chaos collection.


What is hidden beneath your dream housewife’s garments is a secret shared only between you two - erotic lingerie that builds up anticipation by gently peeking from underneath the clothes, making it feel like it’s Christmas already. The holidays are the ideal time to charge up with good energy. For a multi-tasking homemaker, experiencing beauty and good sex are definitely high up there among other things for recharging her battery - which is where BonBon’s luxurious lingerie comes to the rescue. For those joint gingerbread dough making evenings in the kitchen to last longer, put the Chaos triangle bra and g-strings in the Christmas stocking of your hostess-with-the-mostess.


Preparing Christmas dishes is so much more fun while wearing the Chaos triangle bra and g-strings.




How to choose lingerie for a woman?

Christmas is right around the corner, yet you still have no idea how to choose the right type of lingerie? Read in more detail about it HERE, but we’ll also give you the short ABCs of picking out the sexiest lingerie, just in case.

Make sure what is your special woman’s:

  • SIZE – the best way to find this out is to have a wander around her lingerie drawer. For example, find her favourite bra and take a picture of its product label. The same goes for underwear.
  • PREFERRED MODEL - does she prefer push-up, underwired or triangle bras? Panties, thongs or g-strings?
  • COLOUR – surely you have noticed which colours she prefers to wear. Does she like wearing lighter or darker tones? Or maybe something colourful instead?


Our sensual lingerie dares you to come discover its magic in our BonBon representative stores situated in Ülemiste and Viru centre. When in doubt or if any questions arise, be sure to ask our wonderful sales staff for help. They are there to help you!

However, if you know that your significant other prefers to pick out lingerie herself, don’t worry, we have the ideal stress-free gift for you - BONBON LINGERIE GIFT CARD! Christmas is saved. This way, your sweetheart will have the opportunity to choose a luxurious gift on her own time! Gift cards are available both online and in-stores for 25€-200€ and can be redeemed in several instalments. When purchasing a gift card online, the e-gift card with a unique code can be emailed directly to your lucky recipient, or sent to you to print out and hand-deliver. Physical gift cards are available at BonBon Lingerie’s representative stores. What is important to remember is that gift cards bought online can only be used online, and gift cards bought from our representative stores can only be used at representative stores.



What is Christmas without mischief? Boring!

For this Christmas to be like a truly wet dream, BonBon has one more very naughty gift in store for you. Erotic lingerie and sexy toys go hand in hand with one another. If you spend at least 150€ you will get to choose one of the following for your bedroom:


Handcuffing your partner might take both of your orgasms to new heights unseen. Cuff up your sexy playmate’s hands and take the reins! We recommend handcuffs for the sensual lover female character.


Edible lube

The fun and mischievous girl in your woman loves everything sweet! The edible coconut-flavoured lube is an ideal fit for oral sex. A very hot and playful experience guaranteed! This super sweet toy fits perfectly into the arsenal of the mischievous girl character.


Kama Sutra Playing Cards

Has your hectic pace of life dimmed the excitement in your sex life? The erotic Kama Sutra cards with 54 unique sex positions will help you find new inspiration. This week’s weather prediction - hot and steamy! These playing cards will allow the housewife character to escape routine for a hot minute.



Everyone yearns to be caressed softly. However, sometimes even the best behaving girls want to be punished. For these kinds of naughty occasions, a whip-tickler is the ideal tool! The perfect toy for a self-aware queen.


NB. The toys are available in limited quantities! 


BonBon will make sure that your gift will look perfect before you leave the store. The lingerie can be wrapped in our gorgeous  signature gift box and we can also add a free Christmas card with a personalised, naughty, message. This way, you won’t have to worry about wrapping the gift yourself or finding a card.


We wish you an unforgettable Christmas!


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